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Last Updated: 8/31/2021 2:51 PM

We will not be having a traditional "Meet the Teacher" day at Bluffton Elementary again this year.

In lieu of a schoolwide "Meet the Teacher" our teachers may not be able to meet you in person until school starts, but they still want you to meet THEM!

                                                          ~ Mr. T


Please Click the teacher's name below to view

Bluffton Elementary "Meet the Teacher" videos or




1st Grade Meet the Teacher video

Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Diemer, Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Steinmetz, Mrs. Graber



2nd Grade Meet the Teacher videos

Mrs. Fry

Mrs. Liechty

Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Sycks

Mrs. Quinton


3rd Grade Meet the Teacher videos

Mr. Armstrong

Mrs. Hershberger

Mrs. Inniger

Mrs. Raeburn


4th Grade Meet the Teacher Google Slides presentations

Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. Garmatter, Mrs. McCauley, and Mrs. Ellerbrock 



5th Grade Meet the Teacher video

Mrs. Markley, Mrs. Moser, Mr. Richards, Mrs. Noble, and Mrs. Diemer



Specials Teachers Meet the Teacher videos

Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Basinger

Mrs. Bogart

Mr. Dunlap

Mrs. Lewis

Mrs. Markley

Mrs. Maag

Miss McCafferty

Mrs. Schulte

Mr. Sycks


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